Looking for Unusual Presents?

If you are shopping for a unique gift for someone, you will want to find something that is unique that they will love and remember for many years to come. Unusual presents are a great choice because they understate the obvious – that you really care about someone and took the time to choose something completely unique for them that you knew that they would love. LEFF Clocks are a wonderful choice for a gift that you want to give to someone who has just about everything.

The concept behind LEFF Clocks is unique in that they are developed and designed by talented up-and-coming designers. Many of the young designers that work at this company are internationally recognised and are excited to be working with this amazing company. LEFF is amazing because the company owners have a philosophy on thinking outside of the box. They understand that ideas do not always come to people at the most convenient times, it could be over a beer or during a stroll around the City.

These clocks fit into the outline of the definition of unusual presents because they are developed with style, personality and above all else, quality. When you take a close look at the selection of clocks that is available, you will be quite surprised to see the contrast of the clock through the design and the finish, and the mix of colours. One clock, the Tone Wall Clock has a glossy transparent spot of varnish printed on the matte dial which can be visible or invisible, depending on the light that is reflecting onto the clock. Light sets the tone for the home’s interior and it is surprising just how involved the clock is with the environment even though it seems demure at times.

The addition of a wall clock that is designed by LEFF can be one of the most unusual presents that a person receives because they will enjoy the artistry and the beauty of a work of art that is also functional. Most people do not realize the company’s philosophy, but LEFF Amsterdam believes that life is far too short for dull designs and basics that are boring. They make the most perfect unusual presents because they are more of the different and are durable and made of the highest quality.

It is time for you to stop pounding your head against a wall when it comes to finding the right gift and give yourself a little credit. The truth is that people really do appreciate it when you choose something that is special and different for them as a gift. Don’t let tradition be a stumbling block, visit the Unusual Gift Company to find a really great item that you won’t find in a traditional bricks and mortar store. These gifts are sure to please even the most choosy recipient, because they are definitely something different from the norm. There is a great choice for every type of gift recipient on your list, you just need to choose something that speaks to you.

Using Slatwall To Display Your Products

Slatwall is one of the most popular products used for retail display. Easy to install, it is incredibly versatile, and can be used to display almost anything. There are a variety of different display products available to choose from:

Slatwall Panels

Manufactured in the UK from European grade 18mm MDF, Slatwall Panels are simply mounted onto the wall.

Panels are available in two main sizes. The most popular size is 1200 x 1200mm (4 feet x 4 feet). This size panel has 12 slots, each spaced 100mm (4 inches) apart. With each panel weighing 18kg, this size panel is not only easy to install, it is cheaper to deliver.

If however, you are looking to cover a large area in your shop, you may want to consider 2400 x 1200mm (8 feet by 4 feet) panels. Using this size panel will give you the most coverage, using the smallest number of panels. This size panel also benefits, from being available in two different orientations. 2400mm high x 1200mm wide (Portrait) will provide you with 23 slots, each spaced 100mm apart. 1200mm high x 2400mm wide (Landscape) will give you 12 slots along the width, with each one being 2400mm long.

If you choose the smaller panels, you will require half a pack of Slatwall inserts, for each panel. The larger panels however, require 1 pack of inserts per panel.

Once you have decided which size panel you require, simply choose the right add-on products for your display, from the Slatwall accessory range.

Slatwall Gondola Stands

Gondola Stands are produced in a variety of different sizes. Manufactured in the UK, they are delivered fully assembled, and ready to use. Available in a vast range of colour finishes, there is even the option to choose the colour of both the inserts and edging.

Wooden Slatwall Shelves

Wooden shelves are available in exactly the same range of colours as the SlatwallPanels, ensuring a perfect match. Made from 18mm thick material, they are both thick and strong. All of the shelves in the range, also benefit from strong 2mm thick PVC edging.

Glass Slatwall Shelves

Available in three different sizes, these glass shelves are made from the highest quality, commercial grade, toughened glass. Each shelve is just 5mm thick, and comes with polished edges, providing that premium look.

Acrylic Slatwall Shelves

Manufactured from 3mm thick clear acrylic, these shelves are perfect for displaying shoes and loose accessories.

Areas to consider Even though Obtaining Muslim Diamond jewelry

Muslim Diamond jewelryIslam can be a fast-growing religious beliefs. In the states, every year much more people are picking out to be able to contact themselves Muslims in comparison with member of another non secular class. Islam, so this means ‘peace’ with Arabic, keeps growing and also the growing variety of Muslims is usually piquing the eye of several people — Muslims and also non-Muslims.

Muslims usually are increasingly becoming mindful of their own religious beliefs. That they making the effort to training the item in how they believe could be the right way. It indicates that will most of them possess started out watching Islamic conventions and also persuits, and also quite a few all of them usually are opting for Islamic bracelets and also apparel once they can be found.

This short article concentrates on Muslim bracelets. The idea indicates what exactly things to consider when you’re buying Islamic as well as Muslim bracelets. This content may be divided into a couple of pieces:

– Spiritual concerns
– Realistic concerns

This content talks about what exactly non secular and also matter-of-fact concerns that individuals gonna purchase Islamic bracelets usually takes to keep in line with the encouraged Islamic technique and also lessen the likelihood of fraud.

– Spiritual concerns

Islam doesn’t motivate luxury. For that reason flaunting high priced bracelets is recognized as immodest. Simultaneously, Islam doesn’t restrict using silver, sterling silver, as well as stone jewels — for females. When religious beliefs can be a concern for you, here are some measures you are able to decide to use make certain you cannot not in favor of your prescribed by doctors norms:

Hottest office fashion trends 2014

Wide-Leg TrousersA lot of people make the mistake of believing office attire has to be boring. Yes, there are rules regarding what you can wear to the work place. You have to use your common sense when it comes to dress length and alike. After all, dressing appropriately is imperative, especially when you are representing the company you work for. However, this does not mean you can’t have fun with it. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some of 2014’s hottest office fashion trends…

Wide-Leg Trousers – Wide-leg trousers are a must-have for your work wardrobe. They are especially great for the summer months, as they provide ultimate comfort. This is the ideal garment when it comes to combining fashion and comfort. Team with a tailored shirt and a boxy blazer for the perfect chic look. Invest in both a white and a black pair and you will have an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to office attire.

Pretty in Pastel – Pastel shades are pretty, feminine and fun. They offer a brilliant way of bringing personality to your work attire. Ditch that plain white blouse and opt for a pale pink one instead. Or, kiss goodbye to that boring black pencil skirt, and say hello to a beautiful pale blue midi skater skirt.

Quirky Collars– When buying a shirt it is all about the collar in 2014. If you take a look online or in stores you will see that the standard white shirt has received an update. From embellished collars to unique shapes, one little tweak can make a massive difference when wearing a shirt to work. Get ready for the compliments to start rolling in!

Printed Midi Dress – We all need our fashion staples when it comes to creating our work wear wardrobe, yet we also require standout items that are going to make everyone say wow, and this is exactly what a printed midi dress does. From floral designs to geometric patterns, there are lots of stunning prints that are in fashion at present. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing one. It is all about letting your personality shine through.

Blazer Vest – A blazer vest is the ultimate chic garment for anyone who wants to opt for a layered and tailored look during the summer months. Team with your wide leg trousers and you can create a stunning trend-setting office ensemble.

Pleated Skirts – Last but not least, why not purchase a pleated skirt? This is a playful and pretty office wear option. It works beautifully with a fitted blouse. The skirt is the main attraction, so you needn’t worry about bringing too many other colours or accessories into the equation. Nonetheless, make sure the pleated skirt you opt for comes below the knee.

From pastel shades to wide leg trousers, there are lots of exciting trends that can be worn in the office this year. To get you started on your new work wardrobe, take a look at five of the best ideas to amp up your summer office attire by clicking here.

Considering Purchasing A Second Hand Rolex? Here’s Three Ways To Identify A Fake!

When it comes to purchasing a used or second hand Rolex watch, you ultimately need to take every care to ensure that you’re purchasing a genuine, authentic Rolex rather than a fake or replica, which unfortunately there are many in existence. When even a second hand model can see an investment of thousands being made (albeit a very worthwhile and sound investment), in order to ensure you’re not paying over the odds for a fake model, let’s take a look at three surefire ways to identify a model that isn’t all it claims to be!

1. A Clear Case Back

With just a very few exceptions (two vintage manual wind models from the 1930′s), Rolex have never manufactured watches which have clear case backs. What you’ll find present on many fake models, however, is exactly that…a clear case back which allows the complete watch movement to be seen in action. If you’re looking at a particular model and you find it has a clear back, best bet is to walk away…there’s very little doubt that it’s anything other than a counterfeit model. The question which must be asked is why would fakes be manufactured with this feature when Rolex don’t use it, however it makes spotting those to avoid so much easier.

2. An Engraved Case Back

Take a look at the case back and whether or not it is engraved with a Rolex logo or similar. If it is, politely decline the purchase! Apart from pre-1990′s Ladies models which were engraved with ‘Original Rolex Design,’ Rolex have never engraved the case back on the models however many fakes are engraved with a whole host of variations on the brand name and logo. As with the clear case backs, always take a moment to study whether or not there’s an engraving on it as it’s often a tell take sign as to it’s authenticity. As a general rule, Rolex case backs will always be smooth and completely free of any engravings of any sort. One of the team at second hand Rolex specialists, Rebeccas Jewellers, recently outlined to us, “it’s a common misconception that Rolex case backs are engraved with the logo or a slogan, however in the majority of instances they’re not. The only models to feature engravings are pre-1990′s ladies models and Sea Dweller models.’

3. Date Magnification

On a genuine Rolex, the crystal on all models (except the Sea Dweller) has a glass bubble (termed a cyclops) over the date to offer a 2.5x level of magnification. On many counterfeit watches, however, the level of magnification provided is nowhere near 2.5x and is often closer to 1.5 times, if that in many instances. It pays to take extra care when considering the purchase of a second hand Rolex to look over the cyclops in an attempt to identify it’s authenticity. If you’re able to compare with other genuine models, the difference between 1.5x and 2.5x magnification is significant and is often another tell-tale sign as to whether a watch is genuine or not; the date should fill the entire cyclops which often doesn’t happen on fake models.

All in all, when considering the purchase of a second hand Rolex which isn’t being bought from an authorised retailer, do yourself a favour and take the time to understand how to spot a fake and then to check the watch properly to ensure your investment is a sound one and that you aren’t going to end up buying counterfeit goods which aren’t all that you expected them to be.